Hall of Grit
- Grit N' Grind Certified -

"The Duke" John Wayne

The one man who undoubtably is Grit N' Grind Certified, The Duke was unlike any other. The Duke embodied the American spirit, and his 142 feature films highlight his illustrious career. The Duke starred in instant classics such as True Grit, The Longest Day, and Rio Bravo. The mystique of the Duke was unmatched, his on screen bravado along with his blunt attitude towards life captivated fans around the world. His legacy and impact on the American way of life, and American identity will never be matched. There was only one Duke, therefore, it is our duty to carry on his legacy.

Happy Thanksgiving, Pilgrims

Q'Darr "Q" Robinson

Q'darr and Inferno go way back to High School, where Q and our founder played football together. Q continued his collegiate career at Baldwin Wallace University where his passion of exercise science and athletic coaching flourished. He has continued his love of both football, and strength training at The University of Arkansas as a Football Program Strength Staff Intern. Q's unrelenting will to achieve his goals both in the weight room and in life solidify him as being Grit N' Grind Certified.

So Full Pads Or..?

Monté Gaddis

Monté Gaddis has a special drive and passion for the game of football. A local Northeast Ohio football product himself, Gaddis knows what it’s like to be an underdog striving to make a name for himself. After an attempt at the NFL, Gaddis eventually decided to switch to Rugby, where he found major success. Playing professionally in the UK, Serbia, Netherlands, and Turkey. His sheer drive to achieve greatness in any avenue in life whether on the Football field, Rugby pitch or in business is the definition of Grit. Gaddis now owns and plays for Cleveland Rugby League, which is apart of the North America Rugby League playing in 2022.

Slow Feet Don't Eat

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